Listen to Christina Milian's new single 'Rebel'...

Christina Milian releases her new single 'Rebel' today, which is now available to download on iTunes.
'Rebel' serves as an urban-flavoured slowjam with some retro elements to the smooth production. Christina's vocals are too overprocessed and the mixing/mastering sounds off. This is why it comes across as rather demo-ish and unfinished. Her boyfriend Lil Wayne also scores a shoutout on the sexy track, which Christina describes as "awesome passionate love." She reveals the song is all about 'chemistry': "The type where nothing else in the world matters but that bond and understanding [between two people.] And you're practically rebelling!" The song has some potential but I don't think it will do anything to re-establish her music career at this point. After several years, the album is now complete and the video treatment has been picked. Until then, take a listen to the track below.