Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ sales projections are in…

Madonna is projected to sell 100-110k copies of her new album ‘Rebel Heart’ next week. With streaming, the overall number stands at 115-125K. Poor dat. Looks like consumers just don't have the 'heart' for her forced music anymore, and the only way to get that point across is to 'rebel' against it, period.
Even if her album didn't leak three months in advance, it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference as Drake has already proven. If people want to buy your music, they will buy it. Of course her fans are going to mock Mariah Carey for selling half this amount. However, I think it's commendable MC didn't follow trends. I respect that she stood her ground to staying true to herself and putting out a quality body of work. It's better to do that and have low sales than try and compete with the younger artists and still have low sales.