Mariah Carey officially signs with Epic Records...

A rep for Sony confirms today that the ink is dry on Mariah Carey’s new recording contract with Epic Records. It will see the singer returning home to the Sony umbrella, as well as reuniting with Antonio 'L.A.' Reid for a multi-album deal.
Following her departure from Def Jam, her first release with the label will be a greatest hits compilation to coincide with her upcoming residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It's been ten years since her phenomenal comeback with her six-times platinum 'The Emancipation of Mimi.' Can she reclaim back that momentum?

Realistically speaking? Different times. Different industry. The response to R&B was a lot different to how it is now. Usher's diamond certified 'Confessions' and Mariah's 'Mimi' were only one year apart when people actually went out and supported R&B music. However, if the label is prepared to do everything in their power to lace her up with some fresh, hot talent (unknown producers), dumping JD and B. Cox) and go all out with the promo, there's no reason why Mariah should not be able to sustain a steadily successful reemergence.