Rihanna debuts ‘American Oxygen’ on Tidal + during ‘March Madness Music’ festival...

Rihanna, who has just released her inspirational new tune 'American Oxygen' on Tidal, performed a full set at the March Madness Music Festival yesterday. The gig took place in Indianapolis, where she also debuted the track.
It was good seeing Rihanna performing all of her biggest hits and how we finally get to hear 'American Oxygen' in its live and studio capacity. However, the performance fell a little flat for me. It goes well and truly beyond any technical difficulties she may have encountered throughout her set. Nice Stateside anthem though.

Full set:
A Night (Intro)
Rockstar 101- 1:28
American Oxygen- 4:21
Rude Boy- 10:00
Umbrella- 11:38
Live Your Life- 15:18
Run This Town- 17:35
All Of The Lights- 19:12
Pour It Up- 21:17
Bitch Better Have My Money- 24:22
FourFiveSeconds- 28:39
Where Have You Been- 32:38
We Found Love- 35:12
Stay- 37:57
Diamonds- 42:45

'American Oxygen':