New music + video premiere: Leona Lewis - 'Fire Under My Feet'...

Engagingly catchy...
Leona Lewis is onto a winner with her brand new single 'Fire Under My Feet.' Starting off this new era with an uptempo was a very good move. Everyone knows Leona can belt the hell out of a ballad. Releasing one to kickstart a new album campaign would have been boring and too predictable. 

With its thumping beats, clapping chorus, and soaring vocals, 'Fire' will take Leona where she needs to be and hopefully win back her core audience in the UK.

The message is triumphantly empowering and the chorus is tap foot catchy. Although it gets repetitive, this doesn't work against her but for her. The highlight are her vocals at the end, where she just lets loose. Although not her best tune, Simon Cowell can't deny this is a good song, despite the lyrics targeting him of course. 

Sonically, it is a lot closer to OneRepublic's 'Love Runs Out,' more than Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep.' I do understand why people are aligning both songs. It's just that they have similar vibes but when you listen properly, they don't really sound that alike at all. The Tony Gad produced cut is lifted off her new album 'I Am,' due this summer. Not only did Leona premiere the song on UK radio this morning, she also released the music video less than an hour later. Check it out below!