Beyoncé releases 'Crazy In Love' remix for #BeyDay...

In celebration of her 34th birthday, Beyoncé drops the 'Crazy In Love' remix onto Spotify and iTunes. Everyone from celebrities, media and fans are calling for September 4th to be made National Beyoncé Day.
That's quite a big ask, and there's even a petition being passed around to make it happen. Unfortunately, the response has been very slow. In 24 hours, only 1,095 signatures (as of writing) have been gathered. C'mon Beyhive. Do better!

If any petition reaches 100,000 signatures, The White House will address it. The catch? This goal needs to be achieved by October 3rd. I did the math and if this is to be a success, her supporters are going to need to attract at least 3,334 signatures everyday (if you times this by 30). Unlikely by the looks of things. Well, I'd sign it but there are more important matters in the world like innocent babies tragically dying in the Syrian refugee crisis. Plus I'm not American and neither do I live there, so it wouldn't benefit me. However, if you wish to sign the petition, click here.