Friday, 4 September 2015

Trey Smith salutes Beyoncé on 'Blame It On Beyoncé' (ft. DeCarlo)...

Will Smith's oldest son Trey 'Ace' Smith is getting in on the BeyDay celebrations, having released his very first musical offering in tribute to the singer. The clubby number is called 'Blame It On Beyoncé.' Hmmm...
The cut pays tribute to the pop icon he believes impacted fashion and music trends within today's industry. I was going to say this looped mess sounds like a gay man's wet dream but even that would be really insulting. Sorry Trey, but this is really shit. Not everyone is destined to be a musician or the next Calvin Harris. Stick to DJing, or better yet, use your cute face to do some modeling.
A press release quoting Trey's explanation, reads:
"It's a song that's inspired by the impact Beyoncé has made on pop culture. From women to fashion and music, her presence is felt everywhere. The concept of the song came about a year ago at Coachella. The festival was packed with Beyonce inspired fashion, attitude and confidence within women. A song that pays homage to power of Queen B."