Rihanna talks new album + 10 years in music industry at ‘RiRi’ fragrance launch...

Two days has passed since Rihanna reached the 10 year mark of her debut album 'Music Of The Sun.' Rihanna says it means a lot to her that she made it to 10 years in the music industry. 
Had it not have been for 'S.O.S' and that Nike deal, Rihanna could very well have been a struggling singer going from label to label while making herself an open book on one of those 'Love & Hip Hop' reality franchises (sorry Teairra Mari).  Rihanna got lucky, and she's definitely going to commemorate it this year with a celebration. Her new album is going really great, and she's recorded a lot of songs for it. She can’t wait for its completion and the next step is for her to put it out. The gorgeous singer made her comments during an interview at Macy’s in downtown Brooklyn at the launch of her new fragrance called 'RiRi.' It's been three years since Rihanna released an album making it her longest period ever since putting one out.