Justin Bieber's dad salivates over his peen pics...

So by now, you've probably already seen the nude pics of Justin Bieber doing the rounds this week. Great promo for his upcoming new album ironically titled, 'Purpose.' Not that I'm implying anything. 
However, his package seems to have attracted a lot of positive reviews, and all of a sudden people are cutting Selena Gomez some slack for constantly going back and allowing him to use her as his doormat. 

Anyway, the one thing no one saw coming was JB's daddy positively commenting on his son's peen as if he was a female admirer. It's so creepy and just not normal for a father to publicly praise his son's peen. Can you imagine the disgust and outrage had it been a daughter who encountered a nude leak and her father went on Twitter and directly said to her, "Hey girl, your tits look amazing. What ya feed them with?" Some people have no boundaries when it comes to their kids whatsoever.