Unauthorised bio claims Beyoncé briefly split with Jay Z over Rihanna...

The rumours have been floating around for years, but author J. Randy Taraborrelli is clearly after those big bucks!
His book 'Becoming Beyoncé' claims the rumor of Jay Z's so-called affair with Rihanna (which was fabricated by a publicist in order to “boost her career”) put a strain on the couple's marriage.  

This resulted in them spending about a year apart from each other. Honestly, I really don't see how that would boost anyone's career at all.

Alicia Keys was dragged through the mud for years for being a homewrecker, and her album sales dipped prior to those accusations. Why would anybody want that type of publicity? Taraborrelli interviewed numerous people within Beyoncé's inner circle and got NO TEA. This has been common knowledge for a very long time now (the fake rumour being planted).

The unauthorized biography 'Becoming Beyoncé' drops on October 27th. Check out more excerpts from it here.