Video Premiere: Adele – ‘Hello’...

Don't call it a comeback! Usually, Adele is the one with the broken heart, but this isn't the case in the monochrome visuals for her new single 'Hello.' 
Directed by Xavier Dolan, the emotive video contains a series of flashbacks, as Adele strolls along the countryside expressing regret at breaking the heart of an old flame (Mack Wilds.)

'Hello,' which was produced by Greg Kurstin, falls in that category of being a 'conventional' Adele ballad. It's not innovative or groundbreaking but does come with a big chorus.

This is actually a good song. It's just not as good or anthemic as 'Rolling In The Deep.' Don't nobody come for me just because I'm not creaming myself over the song, lol. Though, I do think this one's a grower. Oh, and the amazing parts don't really come in until the end when she's delivering those power belts and emotive singing. I like that the song is lyrically driven and she conveys such passion for story-telling.