Janet Jackson postpones 'Unbreakable' world tour...

Oh no! Janet Jackson has been forced to postpone her 'Unbreakable' world tour until the spring because she must undergo surgery.
The specific type of surgery was not revealed but it is assumed to be the vocals. And if it is vocal surgery it may cause some to ask why she would need surgery when she is not much of a belter. Janet can sing some notes and when you're touring every night doing nearly back to back shows and singing live, it can take its toll. Still, no one knows for sure if this is vocal surgery or another kind of surgery.

This is why I'm a little concerned about this Adele tour because I just know she will be postponing shows left and right. Adele has had vocal surgery in the past and she's a smoker. Mariah Carey was contemplating and she's a drinker. This is not the first time Janet has had to postpone shows from the trek. Her Las Vegas shows were delayed to the spring after doctors ordered her to remain on strict vocal rest.

Hey you guys… Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. I need you to know, I learned today, from my doctors that I...

Posted by Janet Jackson on Thursday, 24 December 2015

Get well soon, Miss Jackson!