New Music: Timbaland & Aaliyah – Shakin’...

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas as much as I am. Merry Christmas to you all! Timbaland has finally released a newly revised Aaliyah song.
Rapper Strado is also featured on the song, which is called 'Shakin.' The song was leaked previously, and this version has been tweaked a bit including a new verse and a slight change to the beat. Timbaland released his new Christmas mixtape 'King Stays King' today, and that is where the track is lifted from. 

I can see why this song stayed in the vault for so long. The production is dated, and it sounds like something they did together in the 90s. Her vocals are apparently the only thing good about this and now I think it's time he left her legacy well alone.

Listen/download the entire mixtape here.