Beyoncé is a legend & Rihanna is not...

During Wendy Williams hot topics segment, Wendy said it's appalling that Beyoncé isn't on the list for having the most Hot 100 #1s. 
She believes Beyoncé is legendary and will be doing a Vegas residency 20 years from now. She said Rihanna isn't a legend, and neither will she ever be, because 20 years from now, nobody is going to want to hear her sing 'Bitch Better Have My Money.' In a nutshell, she said Rihanna is a hot now type of artist. Even if there was some truth to what she was saying (Bey being the more desired act when purchasing a concert ticket), she was wrong for singling out 'BBHMM.' Rihanna has some really good songs and where there is a 'BBHMM,' there is also a '7/11.'

 Debate starts at 2:10: