Christina Aguilera says new album could be out later this year (Zzzzzz)...

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Christina Aguilera reveals she wants to release new music later this year.
She also plans to collaborate with people she has never worked with before, but keeps mum on those details. Why do I have a sneaky feeling this album won't be coming out this year? There is actually a higher chance of pregnancy before this album ever sees the light of day (in perhaps... another five years?). If it does drop this year, it won't be successful. She doesn't care about promoting her music any more. She will more than likely do one performance on The Voice, avoid award shows like the plague, and drop ONE music video only.

The single won't do well and the album will under-perform again. Then she will act like the project didn't even happen being very dismissive of her projects has become her thing now. If she doesn't care about promoting her music properly, why should anybody else?