More drama over Rihanna's 'ANTi' sales + leak...

An anonymous senior exec at Universal Music Group's HQ have fired back at Tidal's accusations that they are to blame for Rihanna's album 'ANTi' leaking prematurely.
The rep adds that,“This accusation is both ridiculous and false. We delivered the content exactly to their specs. It’s something we do every day on a global basis. They are trying to pass blame for their own incompetence.” A Tidal rep also clarifies that the 400,000 copies sold are from global sales and not US, which sounds a lot more accurate. “Billboard will only be counting US sales,” says the rep.

Hmm, I could have swore Tidal were trying to spin it differently last week. They were trying to pass those numbers off as US sales only. I feel bad for Rihanna, after all, this era is starting to become one big fat farce.

Do you think Tidal would have revealed the true nature of those numbers had it not been widely disputed by the media, Billboard and Forbes?