Tinashe covers 'Complex' (photoshoot)...

Fancy a nice cold glass of Tinashe right now?
There's more to it than somebody not doing Tinashe's career right. She has some bops but her music isn't consistent, and I find her a bit boring. She's a cute girl, nice body, solid stage presence, but when you look past that... what else does she have to offer? She just strikes me as another Cassie/C. Milian prototype.  I admire her passion and determination though. Her new album 'Joyride' is due this year.
“I have no Plan B. I’ve set this up so that my entire life is based on this, and if this fails I have nothing else. No career options. No life options. I’ve sacrificed so much for this; failure is so beyond an option. There can only be setbacks. It’ll eventually work because it can’t not work (laughs.) And it’s never a fully hopeless situation, because I’ll always have some support.”
She stays sticking to that no plan B mantra. But you always gotta have a plan B, because the chances are, plan A may simply not work out.
Read her full cover story in Complex’s February/March 2016 issue, here.

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