Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ disputed for picking up FOUR Emmy Award nominations

Beyoncé’s latest album ‘Lemonade’ picked up four Emmy nominations earlier this week, but that didn't go down well with certain media. Billboard were FORCED to rewrite their Beyoncé Emmy article after they (falsely) implied the project was released outside the nomination eligibility period.

Well, this is 2016 where the digital age is rife and nothing ever goes without being screen capped! I just wished they used a more legitimate reason for questioning why the album picked up so many nominations. It was poorly written, it failed to showcase much of her vocal talents and all of a sudden, she is consistently swearing and cursing in her songs unnecessarily. After giving it a good listen, I believe this to be one of Beyoncé's worst albums to date.It just wasn't worthy of four Emmy nods in my honest opinion!