Tinashe's new single 'Superlove' sounds like a rejected Ciara cut

Tinashe hooks up with producers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart for new single 'Superlove,' which sounds basic as hell. It's the type of basic that should be a hit on paper, at least. The uptempo love jam dishes up a synth-driven pop song with some 80s influences.

It might even be a grower (mediocre verses but it does get better in the second half), and it isn't exactly offensive to her urban fanbase. It's very pop-friendly (despite sounding like a 'Basic Instinct' leftover), but RCA are clueless. The track (which samples INOJ's 'Love You Down') should be going for adds this coming week, but they're delaying it for another three weeks. It could even be a moderate hit with the right video, but I feel like they're going to screw her over yet again. This girl doesn't really stand a chance and never did unfortunately. The cut is set to appear on her upcoming sophomore album 'Joyride,' due later this year.