Britney Spears debuts new single 'Make Me' (ft. G-Eazy)

Britney Spears teams up with Oakland rapper G-Eazy for her official lead single 'Make Me.' The cut serves as a slow-burning, synth heavy ballad courtesy of British producer BURNS, and songwriter Joe Janiak. 'Make Me' has a nice and sultry urban pop sound, but nothing special.

The chorus leaves much to be desired and the wording is a bit dated ("Just want you to raise my roof.") She could have dropped something a little stronger. However, the little guitar undercurrents are nice and her vocals are very clear. I wouldn't say she's exploring new territory after revisiting the era of 'In The Zone,' (and even 'Blackout') but it's certainly miles better than 'Pretty Girls' and the travesty that was 'Work Bitch.' I don't like the single cover (very diaper-ish), and I definitely feel she should invest in new management. The track should have been released on the night of her Billboard performance. All that buzz went completely wasted. We just know she isn't going to promote or perform it anywhere else but hopefully her team has their eye firmly on the VMAs. 'Make Me' serves as the lead single from her upcoming ninth studio album. What are your thoughts on the song?