Britney's radio interview: "Were you nervous to perform after Beyoncé?"

MTV’s decision to place Britney’s performance right after Beyoncé’s mini concert at the VMAs has caused much debate online. Britney isn't fazed, as indicated during a new radio interview with the Zach Sang Show.
Britney says she’ll probably release another 9 albums.

“I really wasn’t thinking about that,” she said. “I actually had a shadow in front of me and I was looking at the shadow and making little faces with my hands and stuff (laughs). No I didn’t even really think about it.” That slight pause before she answered... she seemed really uncomfortable with the question. I hope her feelings weren't hurt now that they're no longer programmed.

But the popular opinion is that MTV were wrong to do that to her on so many levels. A lot of us did feel it for Brit Brit. Good news for her fans though. There will be plenty more music to come in the foreseeable future. 9 albums down, 9 more to go! Check out the interview below.

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