Fergie covers 'Paper' magazine but there's no album release date

Fergie covers the September 2016 issue of Paper magazine. The issue is celebrating 1000 Beautiful People.
"The album's release date is still being finalized" - Paper

I'm not feeling this cover, but the other pics are cute. It's still hard to believe that her second album 'Double Dutchess' still doesn't have a release date. Christmas is quickly approaching. Is she going to keep dropping singles every two years until she snags herself a hit? 'M.I.L.F. $' is being treated the same way 'L.A. Love (La La)' was treated back in 2014. When the song flopped, she disappeared. Two years later, she drops this new single and releases a video. Song doesn't do well, so she pretends like it didn't happen. She's played the odd festival, but after that? Everything just stopped. The song got no adds date, no promo, nothing. She should have lined up another single and performed it at the VMAs. At this rate, the chances of her ever having a "real" hit again is looking slim. Maybe she waited far too long.

Female artists that try to come back after a 10 year hiatus always seem to struggle the most, especially those that take time off to have kids and enter their 40s. Something about that just doesn't seem 'cool' with the younger generation. It doesn't help that 'M.I.L.F. $' was also really underwhelming for a comeback. Whether we get an album this year remains to be seen, but check out her 'Paper' spread below.