Eek! Britney's 'Glory' is expected to sell...

Hits Daily Double reports that Britney's new album 'Glory' is set to open with just 90-95k in pure sales and 105k-115k with sales-plus-streaming. This means, Britney won't get the number one album on next week's Billboard 200.
Florida Georgia Line is predicted to do 150k and Barbra Streisand is predicted to do 130k. Unfortunately, 'Glory' will have to settle for third place.

Britney hasn't made any single TV performance during the whole summer. None of her songs have been hits. Then there's the fact that 'Make Me,' 'Private Show' and 'Clumsy' are just are not good representations of the album. 'Glory' definitely deserves to do better, but I think these numbers will be revised up a bit after her VMAs performance tomorrow night. Who knows, she might even be able to snatch the #2 position back from Barbara. Hang on a sec... who the hell is buying Barbara's albums 50+ years after her debut?!?!