Mariah Carey stars in Empire’s season 3 trailer

Fox releases a new trailer for Empire’s third season, which gives us our first look at Mariah Carey’s anticipated guest appearance as songstress Kitty!
If she sounds, looks and dresses like diva Mariah Carey, that's because she's very much playing a not so fabricated version of herself. Reports that she screamed and chucked a laptop out the window when fiance James Packer played a Beyoncé song would have been more believable had it been Ariana Grande (she denies the incident of course). I mean, her and Bey are friends and she's never had problems showcasing love to Bey in the past. There would never have been a strong denial from her if it was Ari because she sees Ari as a lessor and wouldn't have cared as much. Bey on the other hand, is much more respected on a bigger scale. MC is a diva, and she's widely known for turning her nose up at younger vocalists during interviews. I imagine playing herself (a superstar diva) wouldn't have been too hard.

She's done it before with less favorable consequences. As I say, I've never watched an episode of 'Empire,' but I would actually break protocol for this. I hope this works well for her and that she and Jussie have a great song together.