Alexandra Burke announces third studio album

Alexandra Burke says she's currently in the studio recording her third studio album. 
The only reaction I hear right now is morning birds chirping. Alex has never released music that had me excited. Her voice was amazing, but it was wasted on generic Europop. The material simply didn't match the talent.

The first album clearly sold on the hype of her X Factor victory, but when she tried to release her second album, no one was here for it. Maybe because her lead single 'Elephant' was like one of the worst songs to come out that year. Plus, Radio 1 (and every other popular station) blacklisted her on epic proportions. She appeared on The X Factor as a guest judge, and her mistake of adding 'dot com' to a phrase went belly up, and made her come across as very unlikable. She sold her soul (and gorgeous voice) to autotune, and couldn't come back from it. Her second album went on to sell just 6,000 copies. Alex's career could have been so much bigger. As much as Leona Lewis is struggling right now, at least she encountered some global domination. Alex didn't get a taste of it. No one with her potential should be seen as a Beyoncé shadow flop. She's been trying to make a comeback with those SlimFast adverts, but she was never largely overweight to begin with. I'm not one to tell someone to give up on their dreams though.

If she's releasing music because it's her passion, and she doesn't have high expectations, then sure go for it. I'm just not sure where her place lies in music anymore, especially in an industry that has changed so much from 2008. It would be nice if she opted to go the Emeli Sandé route musically, but even then, I don't think it would make a huge impact. People would probably see it as pretentious. Not to mention, the globally successful Emeli has built quite a large following for herself over the years and she's like the black equivalent to Adele. Not to mention that people can relate to those artists more because they wear their emotions (and heartbreak) on their sleeve. Starring in The Bodyguard musical was in deed a good look for her, so who knows, maybe just maybe... she can enjoy a flicker of a spark somewhere. I mean, Craig David is doing well for himself these days...