Friday, 23 September 2016

Rita Ora’s new album is “very real,” you guys...

Rita Ora says her new album will be finished in October when she wraps up recording in Los Angeles. 
It will be her first album on Atlantic Records, and she will be singing about personal issues. Hmmmm. If she wants anyone to have any remote interest in this album, she better spill the beans on Calvin Harris, and Becky with the good hair. I can't think of anything else that would drum up major interest in this girl's album. If she really wanted to be badass, she could have an entire album about being screwed over by a married man. It would definitely have everyone talking and pondering. Maybe this is what she needs to do if she's going to have any chance of cracking the States, because right now Rita isn't saying anything that would warrant interest in any album of hers. That might be part of the problem. She's supposedly been through so much in her life, but not much of it is coming out in her music. Oh, and she needs to work with better producers because her material is very mediocre at best. Though the inclusion of "real instruments" does have some appeal.