Beyoncé kicks off 2nd leg of 'Formation' tour + Ashley gets proposed on stage!

Queen B is back! The second US leg of Beyoncé's 'Formation' tour kicked off last night. *updated with HQ footage*
Bey debuts brand new outfit last night

During the St. Louis stop, Bey debuted new choreography, outfit and even had her head dancer Ashley Everett getting proposed to on stage! Ashley's now fiance John wanted to pop the question with a bang and that he certainly did - during 'Single Ladies'! Awww. So niiiiiice to see. Bey, who turned 35 exactly a week ago, looked amazing. Her body is looking fierce right now and the crowd was amped, but you wouldn't expect less from a Bey concert. The next tour stop is Los Angeles on September 14th. Peep new photos and footage from last night's spectacle below.

Beyoncé debuts new dance break while dancing to 'I Got the Keys' last night:
On the same night, Bey's head dancer Ashley Everett got proposed to during 'Single Ladies'!