Mariah Carey & JD hit the studio again

After teasing "new music" in a sultry, sudsy bubble bath and diamonds, Mariah Carey hit the studio again with Jermaine Durpri.
Frequent collaborators back at it in the booth

Over the weekend, the pair hooked up with songwriter Crystal Nicole for their next hit, although that's been quite a while now. She hasn't had one since birthing Dem Babies, and years before that. I don't even know why she continues to work with JD though. He will never be able to replicate the success of 'Emancipation,' and his production has become extremely dated. She needs to be working with fresh young producers to give her music a more modern essence. Mariah has been quite open about her new material, and even says she's had talks with The Weeknd for a possible collaboration. "We'll see" she says during a recent interview with Mario Lopez on Extra.

Seems the Weeknd has become the fad artist to go to these days. Even Justin Timberlake mentioned a possible collaboration for his new album.  Mimi is debuting a new song during her upcoming stint on 'Empire,' so it won't be long before we hear something.

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