Britney explains why she chickened out of doing THAT back flip

Britney Spears chats about that failed back flip during her performance at London's Apple Music Festival.
Speaking with BBC Radio 1 on this week's incident:
“When I was younger, I could do back flips. I was a gymnast. I could do all kinds of things. I put a back walkover in my show. Actually, last night… I freaked out. I put my hands up and there was the new guy there. Usually, I have my signature guy that helps me with it for the past three years… but there was a new guy. It was his first time to touch my back, and I couldn’t do it.”
That backup dancer she bailed out on was Chase Benz. He must have felt like crap to know Britney didn't trust him during her performance of 'Touch Of My Hand'. Anyway, the assisted back flip is not even the big deal at hand. It's the lack luster performances as a whole that actually needs work.

Here's the action below:
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Britney seen arriving to BBC Radio in London on September 28th: