Britney Spears performs at iHeartRadio Festival 2016 (full show)

Britney's lip syncing game was so focus driven she even mimed her ass off to the Missy Elliott portions. 
A CD from 16 years ago was played in the background simply because Britney couldn't be assed to re-record the songs. The hair looked like a homage to Baby Spice circa 1996. Pigtail clip ons? Seriously? She would also make a great traffic warden with all the arm motioning. Lots of strutting around, and dancers had to help her to walk. Stage fright or anxiety perhaps? Britney's management know she has a new album out, yet every performance is a 'Piece of Me' mashup. For the most part, it seemed she had a bit of fun here and there, despite some awkwardness and lack of fluidity.

'Glory' is in stores now.