Faith Evans makes desperate attempt to stay relevant

Faith Evans "accidentally" lifted her dress too high while performing at 'The Bad Boy Reunion' tour. 
Major Mariah teas huh? Luckily for Faith, her modesty was kept in tact, because she was actually wearing nude underwear. Sorry fellas. She didn't actually flash the kitty. On the other hand, maybe this was no accident. Maybe this mother of three rocked the nude undie to give off this illusion she went completely commando. Then knowing the effect it would have online, decided to yank up her dress just to set tongues wagging. I was thinking she must have an album coming out soon, but this bread crumbs publicity just isn't big enough. It's the type of thing that will become yesterday's news very quickly. If she really wanted to make Twitter explode, she should have went commando for real and go completely unshaven. I would live for all the shock reactions. Faith, a staple for 90s R&B, hasn't had a commercial hit in 20 years. And to be honest, I don't think Faith has ever had her name trend on Twitter before, but hey, at least some of her mission was accomplished right?