Cassie signs to Epic Records

Cassie confirmed to Billboard that she's signed with Epic Records (alongside Bad Boy), and her new single 'Makeup' is coming "in a few weeks." 
New single could be out this month

Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment label partnered with Epic Records last year. The exclusive partnership provides a home for Bad Boy artists covering customary label services including promotion, marketing, sales and distribution, which is where Cassie is factored in. Bad Boy comes to the Sony label following similar deals with Warner Music Group, Interscope Records and Arista Records.

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie...

She really is a nice girl, who has bops for daaaaays ('King of Hearts' was criminally underrated). But I really don't see it for her. If she couldn't drop a second album 10 years after her debut, what makes her think anyone is checking for her in 2016? There are legendary, more established and more talented artists who are still struggling to find their footing in today's ever changing music industry. The fact that she can NOT sing isn't even my issue. Her songs are so well produced, such insufficiency more than makes up for it. 'Me & U' and 'Long Way 2 Go' were the breakout hits for her, thanks to Ryan Leslie, but she hooked up with Diddy shortly after and allowed her career to just disintegrate.

If she played her cards right, she could have been the ethnic Britney Spears. She could even have been direct competition for Rihanna, the way Britney was to Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé back in the day. An artist having the right team behind them makes the difference 100% and I just don't think she ever had that. Anyway, 'Makeup' sounds like hot sauce swag.

 Here's a minuscule snippet of 'Makeup' below: