Keyshia Cole & Frank Ocean hit the studio

Keyshia Cole has hit up the recording studio with Frank Ocean and reveals that her new album will "be done in 2 months."
Frank has been a Keyshia stan for years

I'm not a Frank Ocean fan, so their hook up doesn't excite me. I find it a bit odd to be honest. They have nothing in common. Maybe she wants to explore a bit more. Who knows? Unless he's dropping vocals (and not just songwriting), I can't see how this would benefit her commercially.

Keyshia hasn't had a really good album since 'Just Like You' (her first album is a classic though). 'Point of No Return,' released two years ago, was terrible. It's like her passion for quality music went riiiight out of the window. Everything about it was so cheap and amateur, from the writing and production, to the visuals and everything. I just didn't get it. I know she was going through some stuff that same year. She assaulted a chick for spending the night at Birdman's condo (her rumored boyfriend at the time) and she posted (promptly deleted) Instagram videos of herself dry humping a piano for that same dude. I just hope her head is in the right place this time now that she actually has her biological father in her life. I still believe she has the potential to make good music again. KC is rumoured to be signed to Columbia Records after she was spotted hitting up their headquarters in March. She previously stated that going the indie route was simply not her calling.