Tinashe covers 'Nylon' + discusses label issues 📷

Nylon went from criticising Tinashe for collaborating with Chris Brown to giving her a cover shoot. Nice apology, I guess.
In her October 2016 cover issue with Nylon, Tinashe comments on label issues with RCA, her frustration with the constant album delays and her temptation to leak her own songs.
“But how is that going to help me? It’s just going to come out and then it’s gone, and then I don’t have the support. No one’s going to be booking me for TV performances, [the label is] certainly not going to help me with my next one. The producers would be mad at me because they wouldn’t have gotten paid. If I just put it on SoundCloud, I’m not getting paid, my label isn’t getting paid” 
We know all about Tinashe's struggle, and in deed, the struggle has been real. The magazine writes, "she’s quick to clarify that she doesn’t have any hard feelings against RCA, and that she understands that profitability is their top priority." She already said it. But her constant dragging of RCA on social media hasn't helped her situation at all. She has pissed them off to high hell, and they're biting back. I also think this is their way of dropping her. She won't get another album from them, and once the album drops and goes triple toilet paper (certified), this will be the final straw. She really needs to find another label that can work with her, and not against. Then she needs to start trying to find a better management and PR team.

It's a shame. Tinashe works very hard, and the talent is there. Yet, she's covering Rihanna songs like she's still unsigned. The label clearly doesn't believe she's worth investing in. Not to mention that her music was so much better before this mainstream pop they're now trying to categorize her in. She should have stayed indie.

Album news!

It is also confirmed in the issue that 'Superlove', 'Company', 'Stay The Night', and 'No Contest' has made the official tracklist for her sophomore album 'Joyride.' The Chris Brown assisted ‘Player’ will no longer be featured on the album. In the past, she has been very thorough in letting media know she was forced to collaborate with Chris B.

Her new album is still due in October.

Nylon’s October issue hits newsstands September 27th. Buy it now or subscribe. And read her full interview here.