Usher talks low album sales

Record sales don't reflect an artist's relevancy according to Usher in his recent Breakfast Club interview. 
Seems Usher is all too aware that his new album 'Hard II Love' is only set to sell in the 20K range. "You can love an artist and they may not sell a whole lot of records or either, they may sell a whole lot of records and be irrelevant." That's interesting. Not a particular sentiment I agree with, but still interesting. I think Usher would be singing a completely different tune if he was still doing the same numbers as 'Confessions' in 2016. Usher believes it's more an investment of the fans. His point? You may have a hit record but that doesn't necessarily secure longevity. You have to put in the work. In Usher's case, giving fans the best live experience is a priority. And having seen Usher in concert myself, this is where he excels in the most. My problem with Usher is his constant trend hopping. It kind of ruined his legacy. It is what cost him his hardcore fanbase. You know the folks that actually went out and purchased 'Confessions'? I brought that album the very day it came out. When he did a 360 and turned to EDM music and then trap, people became turned off. Not to mention he started singing about strippers and all sorts of crap. Releasing substance music was of no great importance to him anymore.

Yes, he was still enjoying hit songs, but his album sales were gradually declining. I guess we're living in an era where accomplished, older artists try to adapt to this new, horrible music climate and unless you have Beyoncé's management / PR team, you get left in the wind. Bey is smart, because she is now aware that black artists no longer sell records the traditional way. She's found ways to keep her album sales up by captivating an audience. That, as well as making sure her team got her not one, but two Super Bowl performances in just three years behind one another. I ask again, why hasn't Usher's management team secured him as a headliner slot at the Super Bowl? He would kill it.

Usher danced it up some during his visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he performed latest single ‘No Limit.’