Usher's 'Hard II Love' album set to sell just 20k

Usher's new album 'Hard II Love' is set to sell a paltry "25-28k, 20-23k," according to HDD. WTF.
Usher set to encounter biggest career low yet

Wow. This is a brand new low for Usher. How does one go from selling a million in the first week to just 20 f*cking K?!?!?! Ashanti sold more than this with 'Braveheart' on her own independent label. He is doing the same numbers as Ciara and Tinashe. I can't! I knew this was going to happen when he released his album early to Tidal. I called it. I just wasn't expecting the numbers to be that low. No R&B legend on a major label should be doing these numbers. I feel bad for him, because while the album wasn't entirely horrible, it wasn't that great either (in my opinion). I know a lot of you feel differently about that though.

Looking at it from an artist standpoint, he hasn't allowed his music to mature gracefully. He was suppose to become the Luther Vandross of his generation. Not trying to follow trends or trying to fit in with the Trey's and Chris Brown's of the world. It's such a shame to see what his legacy has now become.