Tinashe is tired of being compared to FKA Twigs & Beyoncé

One of Tinashe's biggest downfalls is that she is too easily baited on social media.
Tinashe ranted at a fan for comparing her to FKA Twigs and Beyoncé.

Like honestly, who the hell is comparing Tinashe to Bey? For starters, Bey is waaay too professional and would never respond to an internet troll in such a juvenile manner. She lets her slayage do the talking. She also needs to grow a thick skin and stop responding to people. It's not a good look when you're constantly ranting on social media about the industry and the state of your career. This girl has a lot to learn about paying dust to haters.

I don't care about the comparisons. I just want her to shun mediocrity as much as she shuns these comparisons. Musically, she's not quite there yet.