Stream Tinashe's 'Nightride' mixtape + watch 'Nightride' visual ♫♫

It's pretty safe to say Tinashe's long awaited album 'Joyride' won't be hitting retailers this year. 

However, she kinda makes up for it by dropping a surprise 15-track mixtape titled 'Nightride.' The accompanying visual for the project finds her opening up about the challenges she's had to encounter in her career. As for the mixtape, I think that low key this is what she wanted 'Joyride' to be.

And RCA heard it and was like, "nope! You aint releasing this shit." She was most likely forced to go back into the studio to re-record the album because they were not capping for these dark and drowsy beats. So as a result, the album will probably end up being the pop mess that RCA wants. It's a shame because some of the production is dope, but her voice is so one-dimensional and bland. Chick seriously needs to find herself some swag.

The project is now available on iTunes + Spotify