Michael Jackson programme rightfully axed

A Sky TV comedy featuring Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson has been axed following major criticism from the late superstar's family and fans. 
The satirical series retells supposed events in the lives of public figures. Fiennes was to portray the King of Pop as part of the Urban Myths series starting on January 19th. The argument is that a white actor should not have been playing him, period. Regardless of the actor's race, I thought the portrayal of such a musical legend was tasteless and tacky. And even if they got a black actor to play the role, there would still be uproar due to how he is portrayed in the show. 

Secondly, let's just say the portrayal was done correctly, black people come in ALL shades. They could easily have cast a light skinned black man or fair complexioned biracial and used make-up for the finish. Regardless of MJ's physical appearance in later life, he was still a black man who always spoke proudly of his roots.

MJ's daughter Paris Jackson criticises the portrayal: