Mýa finally acknowledges her Grammy nomination

Mýa thanks the Academy, prior to 'Smoove Jones' receiving a Grammy nomination for 'Best R&B Album.'
Getting a Grammy nomination for  'Smoove Jones' is a positive look for any R&B artist making the transition to going independent. It means the impossible is not always impossible to achieve for such a lowkey artist that got lost between her peers Brandy, Monica and Aaliyah. They were all the same age and released albums in the 90s, but for some reason, Mýa struggled to make a way for herself. Aaliyah released 'One In A Million' in 1996, whereas Mya dropped her debut in 1998, the same year as Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine' and Brandy's 'Never Say Never.' Of course R&B heads like myself can name every single album of hers, without running to Google. 

Unfortunately, the mainstream media only knew Mýa as the chick that featured on the Grammy Award-winning 'Lady Marmalade,' alongside Pink and Christina AguileraFinally, she can now say she got her nod completely on her own merits. Out of all her independent releases, 'Smoove Jones' is definitely (if not), one of Mýa's strongest bodies of work. I want her to win so badly, because she's put in the work and hustle, and I'm hoping she can walk away with it.