Rihanna currently working on new album, confirms Diplo

Rihanna is working on her ninth studio album, and Diplo is hoping he makes the cut this time.
He revealed previously that Rih rejected his music... not once, but twice. In a new interview with iHeartRadio, he reveals:
"We talked a little bit because she's writing a lot of new music right now for her next project and, hopefully, we can connect."
A writing camp for the album began several months ago, so we knew she was working on it, but it's nice to hear from one of the potential producers. It's more than likely she will drop the album next year. First quarter would be nice, but maybe that's asking a little too much? I hope the roll-out isn't a disaster like 'ANTi' was. She needs to distance herself from Tidal because they're bad news. No point trying to save a sinking ship when you're getting nothing out of it.