Throwback beef: When Kelly Rowland put Keyshia Cole in check

The new feature I'm bringing to the blog is "throwback beefs," which will be done every two days just to spice things up a little.
With much talk surrounding Super Bowl this week, I thought I'd reminisce on the time Beyoncé headlined, and Keyshia Cole had this to say about Michelle Williams:
Then Kelly Rowland was asked to address Keyshia's comments in an interview with Rolling Stone, in which she replied:
“It didn't even make it on my radar until other people brought it up. It didn't even matter. We had a wonderful performance, and that's all I cared about. I was with my sisters and the three of us matter to each other, and that's all that counts. We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don't care what she said.”
Gotta love Kelly for keeping it real. She actually has a really sweet personality, but when it comes to anyone trashing her sisters, the feisty will come out and she will put you in your place. Besides, KC absolutely deserved it. She's not a blogger, and it just came across as very unprofessional to trash the performance of another female artist. Kelly and KC did make up and even hung out together at last year's Hip Hop Honors.

Post your suggestions on your favourite throwback beefs (preferably female), and they may just get covered!