Jennifer Lopez lets it all hang out for Vanity Fair (cover shoot)

Jennifer Lopez and beau Alex Rodriguez are showcasing major sexual chemistry in their December cover issue of Vanity Fair.
Lately, Jennifer has been parading around this romance like a lovesick teenager. You'd think she'd never experienced love before. This woman has gone through three marriages and a high profile engagement. J.Lo loves the concept of being in love. She likes to flaunt it, and when she loves, she loves hard (a declaration already). I'm kind of getting Bennifer vibes, but I'm also hoping this one lasts. As for that ass shot, she's 2 years shy of 50, but clearly feels no way about delivering an age-appropriate photo shoot. Yes, her body slays most women half her age, but when you get to a certain age, and you have young kids, it's actually time to set an example.