Rihanna features on N.E.R.D's 'Lemon,' + music video ♫♫

Rihanna and N.E.R.D. have a new song together, called 'Lemon,' and a music video was released.
Rihanna is actually RAPPING over a trap-inspired beat. She absolutely SNAPPED, and was giving straight Fergie teas throughout the entire verse. I'm not sure I want to hear more rapping from her in the future, but her flow was nice. The beat is classic N. E. R. D. and they delivered a bop. The girl dancing in the video is very sexy and was giving Teyana Taylor vibes from the 'Fade' visuals. Although the beat knocks, it would have been nice to see more Rihanna in the video.

FYI: The song became available to Spotify and iTunes.