Beyoncé dresses up for Halloween (not really)

Beyoncé dressed as Lil’ Kim at Kelly Rowland’s Halloween party this week, but failed to slay the look.
Beyoncé looked like Beyoncé, and Jay Z, who came as Biggie Small, looked like himself too. Like... where was the effort?!?! I know he would have got dragged for wearing a fat suit, but it still would have been admirable (and hilarious!) I've seen many celebrities come out in their Halloween costumes this week and some of them totally blew me away. I might even post my favourites in a future post. One thing I will say is that Bey looks absolutely beautiful (and fresh faced) with darker hair. She will never make it her permanent look because European beauty standards is more appealing in Hollywood, and she knows it all too well.

FYI: Kelly came as Grace Jones in Boomerang, while her hubby was dressed as Eddie Murphy.