Janet Jackson really dodged a bullet #BobbyBrown

BET debuted its two-part biopic 'The Bobby Brown Story' earlier this week.

Shocking revelations suggests Janet Jackson cheated on fiance René Elizondo Jr. with Brown. The biopic also filmed a deleted scene of him kicking an underwear-clad Janet out of his hotel room after they had a heated argument. Janet has yet to publicly refute these claims. She chose not to do so when claims about their alleged affair was highlighted in his book.

According to Steve Harvey, she wasn’t happy about it (source). Steve also said Janet was trying to block it, because that’s not how it happened. More than likely, the scene was cut due to that reason alone (the threat of legal action against BET). She was probably going to sue his ass.

So yes, they probably went on a few dates, maybe even had sex. But adding lies and exaggerating the situation is just wrong on so many levels. People are probably going to laugh this off anyway, because this man did say he got fucked... by a ghost.

Not to say the possibility of Janet dating him 30 years ago at 22 are completely far-fetched. I mean, she's dated far worse looking men. The only positive thing I can say about this if true, is at least Janet got to sleep with Bobby in his prime and way before his addiction to drugs took over.