Nicki Minaj needs to stop bringing people's kids into her beefs

Nicki Minaj almost got her artificial ass whooped at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party on Friday night. 

Cardi B apparently threw a shoe at her and missed. No blood was shed as Nicki's security would not allow things to get that far. Cardi did sustain a nasty bump to her head during the scuffle with Nicki's security. She was escorted out of the building. Cardi says she reacted like that because Nicki talked smack about her child. It wouldn't be the first time either. Minaj recently dragged baby Stormi into her dispute with Travis Scott (the father). Hip Hop beefs don't really interest me, but for some reason this one struck a nerve. These are babies, for crying out loud. Leave them out of it!

One of the reasons Jay Z severed ties with his "brother" Kanye West was because he dragged Beyoncé and his daugher Blue Ivy into their argument. Often times, this is done on purpose. Jay has had his looks splattered like peanut butter on bread when Nas "ethered" him many years ago. But talking about someone's physical appearance doesn't hurt when you are married to a woman that millions of men can only fantasise about. Oh... I'm sure Jay is well aware he is not a handsome man, but he is practically a walking bank and has the trophy wife so he doesn't care lol.

Having someone attack loved ones you would die for is the ultimate sore spot. It is why people go there. They know things like that will pull on someone's heart strings/emotions. It's petty, and weak. It's so easy to act bad ass when such individuals are spewing their poisonous venom online. However, when it's time to step up on the outside and show the world what you're really made out of, weeelllll... the choice to cower behind 300 pound beef security is always the easiest option.