Mariah Carey looks & sounds incredible @ iHeartRadio Fest; 🎤 Watch full performance...

Mariah Carey looked absolutely sensational as she performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Friday.

This woman could easily pass for 35, not someone who is nearing 50. You look at Britney and Xtina and see how much they've ruined themselves. Granted, Mariah (as well as J.Lo) have had work done too. But at least they used it correctly... to *slightly* enhance what they already had. Anyway...

Mimi started the show with 'It's Like That,' and ended it with 'We Belong Together.' Two songs from her uberly successful 'Emancipation' era. In between, fans got solid renditions of 'Emotions,' 'Honey,' 'Shake It Off, 'Obsessed,' 'Beautiful,' 'Always Be My Baby,' and new single 'GTFO.' The new song doesn't translate live very well (boring), and I'm hoping her official single 'With You' delivers the real punch (rumour has it, Drake will be featured). The transitions were a nice touch, as was the switching up of the songs. Usually, she doesn't stray too far from the recordings in televised performances. The crowd reception was refreshing, even though this wasn't her audience. You had grown woman sobbing their hearts out, while others danced and sang along. Seeing her perform 'Honey' and 'Obsessed' served as a real treat to lambs. She rarely performs those songs during her Vegas stints. I think I might have summoned that performance into existence. Earlier this week, I downloaded 'Obsessed' to my phone, as it is such an understated bop, and I wanted to listen to it while on my travels.

It seemed Mariah was nervous that night because her nodules were acting up, but she still sounded particularly great. Her evident attempts at hitting whistle notes and belted ones at higher octaves were very solid considering her nodules and age. If Mariah's corset wasn't so damn tight, she could probably have belted the entire house down and then some. She actually sang about 90%, and given her current vocal ability, the consistency and fluidity of her voice was quite exceptional. For the most part, her voice sounded rested and resonant. This non-Stella era looks like it's bringing back the confidence in Mariah. She's primed and ready for slayage once again!

It's Like That - 1:07
Emotions- 4:40
Honey- 7:56
Shake It Off- 9:08
Obsessed- 10:55
Beautiful- 12:35
Interlude: 14:00
Last bit of Fantasy: 15:57
GTFO- 16:25
Always Be My Baby- 20:03
We Belong Together: 24:28