Rita Ora's ‘Let You Love Me’ will undoubtedly become another UK hit. Watch video! ♫♫

It's crazy how Rita Ora has been around in like forever, and yet she has only ever dropped one album. We know all about the politics and legalities involved, which were behind the significant delays in her career. But still... it feels like Rita should have been further along in her musical journey by now. Her second studio album, ‘Phoenix’ (pictured) is due to drop on November 23rd via Atlantic Records, and her brand new single ‘Let You Love Me’ also got released today (September 21st). The track was co-written by Rita and produced by EasyFun, and is preceded by previous singles ‘Your Song,’ ‘Anywhere,’ ‘Lonely Together,’ and the Cardi B-assisted ‘Girls.’ The mid-tempo pop-anthem comprises quirky synths and vulnerable lyrics, which sees the singer struggling to let her guard down during a new relationship. 

Though a tad bit outdated, the production is somewhat radio friendly. It's also very sonically cohesive with her other singles, so Rita is laying her cards very close to her chest. Matter of fact, this could easily be the younger sibling to 'Anywhere.' It won't do anything in the US, but I think Rita is well aware by now that US audiences don't care for her musically. The song has all the right elements to be another UK hit, which is her core market anyway. 

What are your thoughts?