Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Ciara performs 'Level Up' during Monday Night Football Halftime show...

Ciara delivered an energetic but short performance of 'Level Up' during the Monday Night Football Genesis Halftime show last night (Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings). She donned a number 3 jersey in honour of her husband Russell Wilson.

Speaking of which... that presenter introducing Ciara as Russell's favorite girl kind of downplays her achievements. She actually had a whole career before Russell came onto the scene. Let's not act like she's some Z-list popstar who steals Janet Jackson's image and marries for NFL publicity/gigs. *pauses* Well... some of that might be true but in her prime, she actually dominated the scene. I remember when she debuted, and they were calling her the new Aaliyah. All I'm saying is, she deserves to be known as more than just Russell Wilson's wife. I guess it doesn't hurt to say she made NFL history as the first quarterback’s wife to perform for a game.